Making Music

The iBox sat in the corner, waiting for a flick of the wrist. It came, from a short, fat blonde that looked even bigger in her too-tight skirt.

“What would you like to hear, please?” it asked.

“Umm.” She giggled, looking at the sky for some sort of divine inspiration. “Something girly, a bit of pop. Something from the 90’s, like the Spice Girls?”

“You have been charged one pound. Your song shall play in two minutes time. Thank you, and have a fun evening!”

It played the song, exactly four minutes long. It sounded just as she asked for.

This piece of software analyses the underlying mathematical patterns in music and tells worried record company execs what they may or may not need to change in order to get the song into the charts.It is a heartbreaking notion, but one already being adopted by many labels. So now that we have decided that a computer is better able to listen to a song than a human being, how long before we conclude that computers rather than people should write the songs themselves? And would it really matter providing it fitted McCready’s algorithm and charted high?

From, Could Platinum Blue save the music industry, by Ben Marshall, Guardian Arts Blog, Music.


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August 10, 2007