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Thanks for your patience everyone, and sorry for the (massive) delay in writing something new. There is, however, a good excuse. Aside from moving into a new house (and being without internet for a while), I had to invest quite a lot of time in writing a short story for the RSA‘s Ethical Futures competition (more info in PDF format here). If it doesn’t win, I’ll definitely post it up on the blog, and if it does win, well, I’ll probably try post it up anyway if I’m allowed to.

Also, behind the scenes of the site, we were getting swamped a bit with spam emails, which have now been dealt with thanks to Akismet. In addition to that minor irritant, I’ve been doing something far more important: thinking about how to boost the site a bit in order to provide more posts and information!

Writing coherent and enjoyable future fiction can be difficult to keep up on a day to day basis (or even just weekly), so I’ve decided to include a new section entitled “History Fragments“, which is essentially present day bits and pieces taken from history books in the future. You can see an example of what I’m talking about with the first post in this category entitled, “This Month In History, May 2007: Cyber Warfare and the End of Net Neutrality“.

Lastly, I would like to include a bit more personal stuff from me that is (to borrow from my old AD&D playing days) “Out of Character”, another new category that will contain just random thoughts and ideas. The aim here is to try and show a bit more of the inner workings of my brain (scary, I know), and to treat it as a type of personal writer’s journal. Hopefully some of you out there will be kind enough to help make suggestions on these ideas. These posts will be clearly marked as OOC, so feel free to ignore them if you like.

Thanks again for your time, support, and patience!


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May 31, 2007

This Month In History, May 2007: Cyber Warfare and the End of Net Neutrality

Written by on May 31, 2007 | History Fragments

Almost twenty years ago, two important and seemingly unrelated events took place in the month of May, 2007 that were to have a profound effect on organised crime, inter-state warfare, and the shape of the Net.

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