Reboot: Making Sure You Stay You

Don’t remember what the ocean is? Do you know someone who feels like they have amnesia? Are you wondering what your name is? Chances are you or the person you know has had their memory corrupted, either through natural causes or technical ones. It is a terrifying ordeal that leaves you bewildered and confused, and can place unnecessary stress on you and your loved ones.

But we can help.

Reboot can rebuild those memories that have been lost or destroyed, either because they were accidentally overwritten or erased from your nanodrive, or just plain forgotten through injury. This is not as impossible as it sounds, even though you may have forgotten.

Today, everywhere you go, you leave data identified as you. With your consent and our UAN security clearance contracts, we’re able to access those vast amounts of intimate data that have accumulated over your lifetime. From personal contact networks to neurals, we are able to digg deep to identify and build a picture of the real you: your likes and dislikes; the questions you ask in life; the products you own and love; the media you’ve digested, from visual to word to sound to smell; every conversation you’ve ever had on an electronic device, and every place you’ve ever visited.

Your life is digital, and we can google and rebuild it.

Our team of digiticians recreate these key scenes in vivid detail for you, recording them digitally with sight, touch, sound and smell, ready to transfer back into your life, exactly where it belongs. Not only do we guarantee a minimum of at least 95% of memories being returned, but we ensure at least 90% accuracy in what you gained from those memories.

All this and more is available to us in order to recreate the life-defining events that make you, well, you.

And even if none of this has ever happened to you, we also offer a Guardian Angel service of lifetime backups to make sure it never will. Backup your data aura and store it on our dedicated cloud network, and feel safe in knowing that you will always be you, no matter what life throws your way. We even allow you to create safe restore points, just in case your mind is influenced by a thought or experience that you no longer wish to have.

Fragment of an advertisement from an incomplete Reboot brochure, circa. 2031


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December 30, 2006