From Prisons to Freedom: Curing Crime and Moulding Minds

The late Richard Dawkins once suggested that we would eventually look at social problems like crime as being the result of bad genes, and we would learn to fix them, just as we fix a faulty part in a computer or some other machine.

As you know, this technique was eventually developed, perfected and first used by my client, the Corrections Corporation of America, in conjunction with Wackenhut. Initially developed to help deal with terrorists held at detention facilities such as those at Guantanamo, Diego Garcia, and Afghanistan, and later to help rehabilitate American Muslims held in detention centers, the success ratio in rehabilitating these men, women and children back into society led to widespread usage through the CCA’s prison network.

The system, which my client fittingly calls “Reincarnation”, has almost completely removed the need for long term physical imprisonment. Within just a few months, the largely privatized prison system in America was totally reshaped with the vast majority of corporations in this market being forced to close their doors because of lack of business. Reincarnation spread to other countries around the world, and it has become one of the most profound products ever developed in helping cure the disease of crime. Today, the focus of corporations specialising in corrections facilities like the CCA is on what some have called prisons of the mind for individuals. This is a rather negative view: in reality it is not a prison, but freedom for each individual from their addictions, violence, anger, and destructive urges.

In the old science fiction movie Aliens, the android Bishop says to the late Sigourney Weaver that his “behavioural inhibitor” prevents him from harming (or letting someone harm) a human being. This is a good description of what has happened today as a result of my client’s efforts in genetic manipulation and neural reprogramming, and the effects have been nothing short of revolutionary.

In countries that have utilized the system, including China and Eastern Trading Bloc, America, most of the European Union, and other members of the United Allied Nations, we’ve had an over 96% success rate in rehabilitating and reprogramming individuals to re-enter society – many of them some of the most hardened criminals imaginable, including rapists, murderers and paedophiles. Untold numbers of drug offenders have been cured and are able to lead normal lives. Victims of crime, criminals and their families – these and millions more throughout the technologized world have been spared unnecessary pain and suffering. In addition, criminals have been allowed to re-enter society reprogrammed with the necessary skills to carry out basic jobs, ensuring a ready, willing work force, and giving them a second chance in life to make a decent living.

Despite all the successes in the technologized world as a result of Reincarnation, it is not enough. As the old saying goes, prevention is far better than the cure, and it is for this reason that I am here today representing my client.

The fact remains that crime still happens on a daily basis. Criminals have set up bases and operations in non-technologized societies such as Africa, Asia, South America and elsewhere to take advantage of those countries plagued by corruption, mismanagement, and war, exploiting those places that lack either the political will or simply the resources to tackle the problem of crime. They have employed rogue scientists to help reverse changes made by Reincarnation to key criminals. There have even been some cases where unwitting, innocent civilians have been kidnapped and reprogrammed to carry out crimes for others.

As a result, my client hopes to encourage the UAN to introduce steps encouraging these countries to accept what can be considered the mental equivalent of the inoculation programmes that have been carried out in the past to deal with diseases such as polio. CCA hopes that the UAN will seriously consider making Reincarnation a domestic policy requirement for all its members, as well as introduce trade tariffs to punish those countries who do not take the necessary steps to reduce crime.

It is, however, the last point that is the most important and most relevant for this committee. While we have been able to cure individual criminals of their specific diseases, until now we have been unable to prevent the disease from happening at all. I say “until now” because this committee has the ability to change that. Ever since Richard Berk demonstrated that it was possible to predict, using software, individuals that may kill, it is possible today to identify those individuals that have the highest risk of committing any crime. The CCA’s test data – of which each of you have a copy – demonstrates that it is possible to use the latest dataveillance, genetic testing, and profiling techniques to predict and identify these future risks, and schedule them for Reincarnation before they can commit any crime at all.

Some have criticized the scheme as something akin to Aldous Huxley‘s Brave New World, and that we are somehow playing God and condemning people as being guilty before they have committed any crime at all. These criticisms have proven to be largely unfounded and simply false. Similar accusations were made when scientists expanded stem cell research, when Islamic extremists were imprisoned during the first phase of the War on Terror, and when pharmaceutical drugs began to be tested on prisoners. As a result of these actions, we have brought about medical miracles for the sick and disabled, and we are all much safer today.

What we need is a complete rethink of how to use Reincarnation. Just as embryos are tested for genetic disorders, so too should children be tested at school for possible future social disorders, and immunized against them. But we can take this even further. Education systems in democratic societies have long been there to help train model citizens to help build better societies, to train them for work, and to encourage consumerism, obedience, group identity and other values necessary for stable, capitalist democracies. As the great US president Woodrow Wilson once put it, “We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forego the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

We need to understand that Reincarnation is simply another way of us helping educate our young. We will be able to not only prevent our children from straying down darker paths, but also give them the skills and knowledge to ensure that their future path always remains bright, both for them and for society. Thank you.

Transcript of a speech given by Chief PR Consultant David Jennings of the Lincoln Group, representing the Corrections Corporation of America at the 8th World Education Committee Meeting at the UAN Headquarters, Beijing, 2025


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    Diagnosing ‘mental disorders’ is NOT an exact science. That’s what makes it dangerous sometimes. I worked with ‘autistic’ kids in a hospital setting, and the ‘Psychiatrist’ had intense psychotropic ordered for ‘acting out behaviors.’ WBR LeoP

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December 7, 2006
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  • The first comment is by Medic: "Diagnosing 'mental disorders' is NOT an exact science. That's what makes it dangerous sometimes. I worked with 'autistic' kids in…" More.
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