Warren and I (that’s me, Craig) debated long and hard about whether to include a page on Future Fragments that really described what this site is about. In the end, we figured it’d be worth it, mainly because its really difficult with jobs and studies to always write things that are “in character”, so to speak. Sometimes it takes almost a month to get something up onto the site, so before people start unsubscribing or stop visiting because they think nothing is happening with the site, we thought it would be a good idea to try explain what it’s all about.

In a nutshell, this is all about fiction writing (science fiction, if you hadn’t guessed by now). The basic concept in the about page is that future data is seeping into our present because the science of the future has began to alter time, and this is one of the side effects.

Easy, isn’t it? (Stretching the imagination was never a problem for me).

It all arose out of an idea I had one night while trying to figure out how I could expand and practise my love of writing. I’m not saying I’m a good writer or author, or that my science fiction is somehow exceptional, I just really love the genre, and there is a vague dream in my head to actually get something published one day. I hope to get better. Above all, I hope someone, somewhere enjoys what I write (and I’m sure Warren would say the same, too).

In the hopes of overcoming inherent fears of getting other people to read my work, plus trying to stop procrastinating and really start writing on a regular basis, I thought the idea of blogging each snippet I write would be a good idea. I asked Warren to join straight away, mainly because he’s proven to be a good source of inspiration and motivation, always ready to read my ramblings, and contribute his own thoughts to the mix. He claims he’s not that much of a writer, but I hope to prove him wrong one day.

At any rate, the one thing I like about the blog format for fiction writing is that it has changed the way we think about books. I don’t have to write a book to share it with anyone; I can share the writing process itself. The other important thing for me as a writer is that I can now show people my influences and link through to present day news stories or whatever helped inspire some of the ideas I play with. That level of interaction between writer and reader has never been available before, I think, plus the fact that readers can actually comment on each piece that is written (hint hint). Being able to get the audience to participate in the medium is really appealing to me, and I hope anyone out there reading the site decides to take part in whatever Warren and I come up with in our madder moments.

And that’s about it really. We’re trying to figure this all out as we go along, so bear with us.


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February 12, 2007
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