The Dating Game

Written by on July 5, 2007 | Advertising Fragments

Looking for the perfect match? Tired of dealing with the wrong member of the gene pool?

Then MatchrMate is for you!

We’re not just an ordinary dating service. Sure, you can make videos of yourself, and all that usual stuff, but we offer one unique feature: you can put together a list of questions you want asked of a prospective partner, and, if someone shows an interest in you, we will interview them on your behalf.

“So what?” I hear?

Well, while we ask them the questions, we can make sure whether or not they’re lying by using the latest tools available, from voice stress testing, and brain and facial imaging.

Also, we will do an analysis of the applicant’s temperament, and any other specific requirements you want us to monitor.

If you want, we can also use our vast database of information to recommend the best possible match to your own biological character.

Don’t worry, we respect your privacy, and will protect your data.

MatchrMate: because trusting in your partner is the best way to start!

“What do people lie about?” he asked me. “Sex, power, and money-probably in that order.” (The company’s Web site recommends No Lie’s services for “risk reduction in dating,” “trust issues in interpersonal relationships,” and “issues concerning the underlying topics of sex, power, and money.”) “Parents say, ‘Yes, this is perfect for adolescents,’ ” he went on. “People who are dating say, ‘Yes, this is great for dating, because people never tell you the truth.’ “

Duped, The New Yorker, 2nd July 2007 (via MindHacks).


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