“When you can master time, it ceases to exist. Science and technology have led us to change time, to choose from different pasts and futures. Of course, our abilities are within certain limits at the moment, but coupled with our advances in other fields that have allowed us to live biologically forever, we have effectively killed Father Time. Seconds, hours, months … what do these mean to those who are no longer aware of their own death?”
– an excerpt from The Death of Time, Steven Russell, date unknown

“The discovery that information can be transmitted faster than light has opened the door to time travel. It really is like throwing a pebble into lake of water, except the mistake was to think that the rock was us physically travelling through time. It’s not. The rock represents knowledge, and our real actions are the ripples, starting out close from our current central point in time and working outwards, reaching further and further into the past, and looking further and further into the future. Eventually our ripples will span history and, if we learn how to manage those ripples correctly, we’ll remove the blemishes that have plagued mankind for thousands of years, and we will be able to foresee which possibilities we should choose in order to make a better tomorrow.

It is likely, however, that the transmission of information will leak into past consciousness until we are able to perfect the process. Fragments of knowledge from different times and universes will likely seep out into people’s minds, or appear within the Internet and other predecessors to our present day neural networks. It is hard to say for certain, but just as when people found information from our ancestors inscribed on stone tablets and old parchments, people in the past are soon going to be discovering future relics from other times and parallel universes.

This will be temporary until we are able to expand the boundaries of our understanding of time, and extend our abilities even further, ensuring that our past is made up of the right choices until, eventually, past and future ultimately can become one: our existence is constant, secure; there has never been suffering, and there never will be. Think of it as an eleventh dimension where everything is the way it should be. In other words, a utopia of our making, not just in the present, but in our past and future, too.

Those who were always too scared to alter the past because it may cause unwanted consequences are wrong. Just as nanotechnology learnt the manipulation of molecules and atoms and we were able to master our present existence and environment, so too we have learnt the laws of time, learning to manipulate it in a structured, orderly way. We finally have control over our past, and so too, our destiny, not just for us, but for all generations in all possibilities. We will be much like how we picture Gods. Fortunately, however, we do exist, and no, we won’t let bad things happen.”
– Dr. Lambert Davids, speaking at the Symposium of Transhumanists, 2046.


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November 21, 2006
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